Tree & Shrub Planting

As certified arborists we provide expert advice concerning the trees and woody shrubs best suited for your home or business. We consider things like hardiness, size, location, soil and drainage conditions to ensure healthy growth and appearance. We also provide the labour to plant them the correct way including appropriate spacing. Additionally, we work closely with our customers to meet their expectations and intended purposes of a tree whether it is primarily for aesthetics, shade, screening or to be used as a focal point to name a few.

At Alexander Tree Care, we receive many requests to plant cedar hedges. Leave the back breaking work to us. We can prepare the beds, deliver the cedars from a reputable nursery and plant them the correct way to ensure establishment and vigorous growth. Additionally, we can ensure that they are well formed and maintained by annual trimming.

Call Alexander Tree Care today for a no charge estimate for your specific planting requirements.

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