Stump Grinding

Alexander Tree Care provides expert stump grinding service. We can remove unwanted stumps that may interfere with your future construction projects such as pools, decks, fences, or sheds. Stump removal can also free up space to replant new trees and shrubs.

When evaluating stump grinding, our experienced arborists take into account all facets of the work to be done in relation to the size and location of each stump. Available access is a major consideration, as well as proximity to underground utilities. For reliable and reasonably priced stump grinding service, don’t hesitate to contact Alexander Tree Care today for a free on-site estimate.


Some trees are prone to have natural weak connections between branches and trunk. In other cases there are signs of splitting due to wind or snow storms or decay. Steel cables can be expertly installed in the tree to support the weak connections or heavy branches prone to breaking if warranted by careful assessment. This restorative work is a specialty at Alexander Tree Care which can assist your trees from being adversely affected in future. Once installed, Alexander Tree Care can develop a program to monitor the cabling system on a regular basis.

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