Annual Maintenance Programs & Hedge Trimming

Your trees, shrubs and other plantings are an investment that adds value to your home and property. It is a reflection of your pride of ownership and provides “curb appeal” that real estate agents talk about. Maintaining that curb appeal can take a lot of work and time from your busy schedule. If your trees and shrubs are overgrown and need attention on a regular basis, Alexander Tree Care offers maintenance and hedge trimming programs to fit all budgets and requirements. The more regular attention given to your trees and plantings improves the overall structure, foliage and appearance. Ultimately, you save time and money from replacing or removing dead, dying, or congested trees and plantings.

Hedge Trimming is one of the tasks that many of our regular customers dread. Cedar hedges can get out of hand and must be looked after on a regular basis. This maintains desired height, shape and foliage density. Trimming cedar tops with regularity thickens growth at the sides to improve privacy. Left unchecked for long periods, they become tall and stalky. Ultimately, the hedges revert to their individual form overtime and difficult to correct at that stage.

At Alexander Tree Care no job is too big or small. Whether you require removing or trimming unruly vines, clearing and chipping your lot, or in need of planting hedges, shrubs or trees, we can offer a very competitive price to meet your budget. For our customers with extensive properties, we offer a “phase program”. We can maintain sections of a lot in phases so costs are more manageable.

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